Mission Statement

A Mission Statement

My goals for this blog in a few half-hearted paragraphs

With nothing to do except sit on my ass and wrack my brain over what the world has in store for us, I figure I could at least babble into the void to kill time and distract myself. With little more than a vinyl collection, a horde of CDs, and the magic of the Internet — coupled with way more free time than anyone needs — I may as well gush and geek out over the music that impacted me during this time.You’re more than welcome to join in, I’m happy to have you.
There are no major plans or goals in mind for this project. Just a page to give long-winded, impassioned thoughts on whatever the hell I want. Musings, interpretations, analyses — just shit I want to communicate about the art that sparks something in me. Mostly music with the odd book or movie thrown in if I feel like it.
There are very few rules I’m giving myself with this. Classic, modern, obscure, obvious, lowbrow, highbrow, this, that — hardly matters. My goal is to draw some amount of attention to music that, while not unappreciated, has maybe gone underappreciated. Albums, artists, styles, movements, sounds that I rarely hear my friends or familiars talking about, much to my surprise. Then again, this is coming from a little hipster from Indianapolis — familiarity is relative.
I want to talk about albums and why they’re worth your time. Go over the histories of artists worth mentioning in books. Get people into new styles of music. If I’m able to turn someone onto the music that’s made my life richer, than this blog has done its job. If not, at least I tried.

By fictionalkid

A dorky chatterbox from Indianapolis just looking to share his love for music, movies, and other stupid, useless beautiful things.

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